About Us

“Kamion Fényező” Ltd. was established in May 2000, with the Hungarian investors, and specialists with long years of experience in servicing all types of passenger and commercial vehicles.

In the initial period of development, we first had headquarters in Budapest, in Nagytetény, and in a short time in the Csepel.  Taking into account the needs of our customers and employees in the company as well as high quality and quantity of services, new and modern seat in line with European standards we opened Szászhalombatta in autumn 2007.
Our company of micro-enterprises in a short time has grown into a company with 70 employees, thanks to the good and organized marketing, reliability and above all high quality work. Our company is certified MSZ EN 9001:2009.
Our activity – repairs and service vehicles – perform out in his own building with a floor area of 12,000 m2, in the Szaszhalobatta, next to the highway M6 and  road 6.
On the base can be found the following departments:
•    Roadworthiness tests for all types vehicles from of passenger cars to buses, in which it carry out technical inspection of vehicles for registration.
•    Assembly hall for the repair of cars, trucks and buses.
•    Hall to locksmith works and for polishing. Here we are performed locksmith works, and polishing on passenger vehicles, trucks and buses.
Our operating results in the repair vehicles can be seen, those decades we work with permanent business partners, without any problems.